Emergency Fund Update – 100%

I don't care if it's cheesy. I'm using it.
I don’t care if it’s cheesy. I’m using it.

I just checked my Emergency Fund and as of today, I have surpassed my goal!!!

You know, I’ve said it before, but I honestly didn’t know if I’d ever reach this goal. It’s the most I’ve ever saved for anything, ever that didn’t involve buying something tangible. In the beginning, it felt the same as trying out a new diet. Every time I’ve done that, there’s this sinking feeling I’ve gotten that I won’t hit my target weight and I imagine that’s the little devil on my shoulder who likes to mock me for past failures.

Today, however, that devil gets the cone of shame. In your face, little mocking demon.

I will personally celebrate this moment tonight, maybe with a nice glass of wine. And what else? Uh-oh. I feel a Warren Buffet quote coming on.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

— Warren Buffett

I know that one gets used a lot, but it’s a personal favorite. And so true.

And so ends my first major financial goal, hopefully the first of many. Next comes my incursion into actual investing. As you know, I’ve been deciding on what I should do, given the fact that I’m going to be heading into a lower-paying position for a while. I was planning on getting into taxable investing right up front, but I think the smarter thing to do is to maximize my SEP IRA investing while I can. So in addition to the huge chunk of change I sent over to my E-fund, as I mentioned in a recent post, I also bought up some additional shares of VTSAX during the latest market drop. I’ll probably do this a couple more times before I’m temporarily relegated to a lower paycheck.

On to further adventures!

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    1. Adam,

      Thanks! Yeah, the analogy of the tree works well with long term investing. Buffett seems to have a million of these. They’re gold!


    1. Rich,

      Automatic DRIP? You mean automatic monthly purchases? If that’s what you mean, then not quite yet. I still need to figure out how things will pan out after my transition.


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