Just A Small Update

Just wanted to let you people know I’m not dead; I’m just taking a hiatus.

Because I can only dedicate energy to so many things at once, I don’t think it’s fair to expect myself to keep up to date on this blog on a weekly basis.

I’ll be back, but while I’m taking a break from dumping money into my investment accounts and focusing more on the business side of things, I’d rather not bombard people with updates on things unrelated to finance and financial independence.

Until, at least, I’m back into that mode. When that happens, expect some comments and another barrage of posts.

For the time being, I’m also giving myself an out on the blog-related goals. On the other hand, I’m still focused on increasing savings, however slowly.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to catch up with you soon. For now, I’ll be focusing on the business, my family and reading a ton.

P.S. In case anyone is curious, I’ll be keeping my Net Worth (on the right sidebar) up to date. That is all.

Excellent Podcast: Radical Personal Finance

I know, I know. I’m late to the party, as usual.

Lately, I’ve been bored of just reading what seems like the same thing over and over again on the blogs I follow. It’s no one’s fault, really; how much can you possibly write about on this topic? I’m doing the same thing, after all. So I’ve decided to give my eyes a break and use my ears for a while.

I just got done listening to the Financial Independence Podcast by the Mad Fientist — which was also excellent, by the way — but you can’t leave me hanging with so few episodes. Each of the episodes Mad Fientist did were great to listen to. I listened to a couple of them twice, actually. The episode on generating passive income by buying web properties through sites like Flippa was of particular interest. But oh well. I’ll stay tuned just in case he decides to give an update (also, I left a comment on his Podcast page).


So I just started to listen to the first couple of episodes from Radical Personal Finance and I really like the way Joshua comes off as totally down to earth despite an obvious in-depth (or at least broad, yet shallow) deep understanding of a variety of financial subtopics. It was just the kind of thing I wanted to hear after coming off of a Mad Fientist high.

Going through the archive, I can even see he did an episode called “What Advice Would You Give to an 18-Year Old You?” which is right in line with my Younger Me series. I’m also seeing some interesting interviews. Plus, a whole bunch of just general interest finance stuff that looks to be very entertaining.

So I just wanted to leave off by saying two things. First off, thank you to Joshua Sheats for taking the time to create such an endeavor (and giving me financial sustenance). And secondly, if you haven’t given either of these podcasts a listen, please do so now. Drop everything you’re doing and listen. Right now.

Would you recommend any other excellent podcasts for FI?